Liduino Pitombeira

Music Composition and Theory

Liduino Pitombeira

Composer and theorist

The music of Liduino Pitombeira (Brazil, 1962) has been performed by The Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet, Louisiana Sinfonietta, Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra (Poland), Orquestra Filarmônica do Espírito Santo, Orquestra Sinfônica da USP, Orquestra Sinfônica de Ribeirão Preto, Duo Barrenechea, The Alexander-Soares Duo,and Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo (Brazil).

He has received many composition awards in Brazil and the USA, including the first prize in the 1998 Camargo Guarnieri Composition Competition and the first prize in the "Sinfonia dos 500 Anos" Composition Contest. He also received the 2003 MTNA-Shepherd Distinguished Composer of the Year Award for his piece "Brazilian Landscapes No.1". Three more pieces of his series Brazilian Landscapes (No.2,No.6 and No.9) were awarded first prizes in the USA. Dr. Pitombeira received his PhD in composition, with a minor in Theory, from the Louisiana State University (USA), where he studied with Dinos Constantinides and Jeffrey Perry.

Pitombeira is professor of composition at the Escola de Música (School of Music) of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) - UFRJ, in Brazil. He has published articles on music composition and theory on several academic journals in Brazil and has also presented his researches on compositional theory (especially related to compositional systems and systemic modelling) and music theory in conferences in Brazil and abroad. Pitombeira is a member of MusMat, a research group, affiliated to the Program of Graduate Studies in Music of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, which aims to develop studies and computer modelling related to music and mathematics and their applications in the fields of composition and musical analysis.

He is a member of Associação de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Música (ANPPOM), and Associação Brasileira de Teoria e Análise Musical (TeMA). His pieces are published by Peters, Bella Musica, Conners, Alry, RioArte, and Irmãos Vitale. Recordings of his works were made by Magni, Summit, Centaur, Antes, Filarmonika, and Bis labels.



Work recorded: Arlequim Solar, Op.159, for pierrot ensemble

Ensemble Música Nova

Work recorded: Brazilian Landscape, No.4, Op.85b, for flute and guitar

Cesar Pereira and Diogo Oliveira

Work recorded: Suite for Clarinet, Op. 65, for solo clarinet.

Jairo Wilkens

Work recorded: Alcácer-Quibir, Op. 195, for French horn quartet.

Trompas Lusas

Work recorded: Seresta No.14, Op. 105, for tuba and piano.

Alberto Savio Khattar and Miriam Braga

Works recorded: Três miniaturas para saxophone e piano, Op. 44c, and Seresta No.1, Op.55b

Duo Heimann-Braga

Work recorded: Seresta No.16, Op. 124, for voice, flute, and piano

Joana Angélica, Maria Di Cavalcanti, and Heriberto Porto

Work recorded: Zumbi dos Palmares, Op. 89, for percussion ensemble

Hamiruge - The LSU Percussion Group

Work recorded: Fagocitose, Op. 19, for bassoon and piano

Gabriel Beavers and Jure Rozman

Work recorded: Seresta No.3, Op. 60, for viola and piano

Rafael Altino e Ana Lúcia Altino

Work recorded: Impressões Quixerés, Op. 160, for two flutes

Duo Exaudi

Work recorded: Vitrais, Op. 193, for flute and piano (CD e DVD)

Duo Barrenechea

Works recorded: Tango, Op. 43c, for chamber ensemble and Suíte Hermética, Op.95, for ww quintet

Camerata Latino Americana

Work recorded: Limiar, Op.191, for string orchestra

Orquestra do Limiar, conducted by Samir W. Rahme

Work recorded: Appassionata, Op. 185, for symphony orchestra

Orquestra Sinfônica da USP, conducted by Wagner Polistchuk

Work recorded: Interseções, Op. 142, for solo cello

Felipe Avellar de Aquino (cello). Free recording:

Work recorded: The Magic Square, Op. 34, for clarinet and piano

Duo Palheta ao Piano: Jairo Wilkens and Clenice Ortigara

Work recorded: Salmo 1, Op.167, for mixed choir

Coral dos Canarinhos de Petrópolis, conducted by Marco Aurélio Lischt

Works recorded: Sonatas for violin and piano #1,#2,#3,#4, and #5

The Alexander-Soares Duo: James Alexander and Luciana Soares

Work recorded: Zumbi dos Palmares, Op. 89, for percussion quartet

Grupo de Percussão da UFBA, directed by Jorge Sacramento

Works recorded: Impressões Sobrais, Op.131 , and Brazilian Landscapes No.8, Op.125

Greenbrook Ensemble, Jessica Dunnavant, flute, and Paula Van Goes, saxofone

Work recorded: Suite Hermética, Op.95, for woodwind quintet

Lieurance Woodwind Quintet

Work recorded: Goyazes, Op.147, for oboe and string quartet

José Medeiros (oboe) and Quarteto de Cordas de Brasília

Works recorded: Suite Russana, Op. 11, and Sertão Central, Op. 84

Lúcia Barrenechea, piano

Works recorded: Suite Hermética, Op. 95, and Ajubete Jepê Amô Mbaê, Op. 10

Quinteto Brasília

Work recorded: Brazilian Landscapes No.8, for solo flute

Danilo Mezzadri, flute

Work recorded: The Hollow Earth, Op. 70, for flute, viola, and harp

Jessica Warren-Acosta, flute

Works recorded: Pau-brasil, Op. 38, for saxophone quartet

Saxofonia - Quarteto de Saxofones

Works recorded: Sonata for violoncello and piano No.1, Op.91, and Seresta No.15, Op. 108, for cello, piano, voice and percussion

Martin Merker, cello, Anna Adamik, piano, Marília Vargas, voice, and Wolfgang Lindner, percussion

Work recorded: Seresta No.4, Op.61, for trumpet and piano

Rex Richardson, trumpet, and Jan Grimes, piano

Works recorded: Suite Russana, Op.11, for harpsichord, and Seresta No.9, Op.83, for ensemble


Works recorded: Three Miniatures for Oboe and Strings, Op.44a, and Brazilian Landscapes No.1, Op.75, for piano trio

Louisiana Sinfonieta and Soloists, Natalie Van Burkleo, violin, Semiramis Costa, cello, and Maria Di Cavalcanti, piano

Work recorded: Seresta No.5, Op.62b, for piano quartet

Ricardo Amado, violin, Jairo Diniz, viola, Hugo Pilger, cello, and André Carrara, piano

Work recorded: Seresta No.2, Op.59b

Iwona Glinka, flute

Work recorded: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, Op.53

Dennis Parker, cello, and LSU Volunteer Chamber Orchestra

Work recorded: O Último Dia de Canudos, Op.5, for symphony orchestra

Filarmônica SESC Ceará, conducted by Gladson Carvalho

Work recorded: Uma Lenda Indígena Brasileira, Op.40

Orquestra Sinfônica do Recife, conducted by Carlos Veiga

Work recorded: Água de Mani, Op.7, for mixed choir

Coral BDMG, conducted by Eliane Fajioli Lara

Works recorded: Suite Russana, Op. 11 e Fantasia sobre a Muié Renderá, Op. 1a

Duda Di Cavalcanti, piano, e Syntagma

Work recorded: Canto da Chuva, Op.28, for mixed choir

Arpeggieauxs, conducted by Robert Green

Work recorded: Ajubete Jepê Amô Mbaê, Op.10c, for woodwind quintet

Berlin Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet

Work recorded: Perfeição, Op. 2 for voice, flute, cello, and piano

Marcos Britto, voz, flute and cello, Ocelo Mendonça, and Duda Di Cavalcanti, piano

Work recorded: Variações sobre o Juazeiro, Op.4a, Ajubet Jepê Amo Mbaê, Op. 10a, Fantasia sobre a Muié Rendêra, Op. 1a


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